Marco Limbrecht Releases New Indy Album

Marco Limbrecht

Marco Limbrecht

Marco Limbrecht released his long awaited independent album on LissiWonder Records in Naples.
Marco Limbrecht’s

smooth singing style coupled with his infectious electronic beats makes for a killer combination.

Members from Strange Beings, A legendary techno group from The Netherlands that unfortunately does not exist anymore, joins Marco Limbrecht on several cuts. The music still does, and is kept alive in Limbrecht’s style. The music of Strange Beings is still available for free download!

Marco Limbrecht’s new label will specialize in underground electronic music, including industrial, synthpop, electronica, IDM and other styles. The label will offer the music as paid downloads, physical media including CDs and USB Flash drives, and will also offer free promotional downloads of selected albums, EPs and singles.

Marco has a few remixes already in the works. Keep an eye out for Marco Limbrecht vinyl version also.